Red wine and chocolate - A healthy Valentines Day

Red wine & chocolate - A healthy Valentines Day

Every year on February 14, more than 141 million Valentine cards are exchanged between lovers throughout the world. Chocolate and wine are all go to gifts for Valentine’s day and a recent study has proved that this gift of wine & chocolate could actually have some positive healthy benefits.

Dark Chocolate, Red Wine and of course, chocolate covered strawberries are three options that you simply can’t go wrong with. All three options offer health benefits, and if you need more convincing, read on!

Red Wine
No romantic dinner is complete without a bottle of fragrant red wine. This specific beverage has previously been shown to have numerous health benefits and is said to be healthy for your heart! Moderate consumption of red wine can help reduce the risk of dementia, depression and has also been linked to cholesterol-lowering benefits and helping to prevent blood clots. It has also been associated with protecting against type 2 diabetes and liver disease.

Dark Chocolate
How many times have we heard how good antioxidants are for us? Well, you’re in luck, because similar to red wine that has resveratrol in it, dark chocolate has flavanols inside it, which are both antioxidants! Cocoa powder also contains fiber and has been proven to reduce the inflammation of cardio-vascular tissue, therefore protecting you against heart disease.

Make sure you’re opting for dark chocolate though, as this has been associated with around 40 health benefits! Including a reduce in stress hormones, improved liver function and a lower risk of Alzheimers.

Chocolate covered strawberries
It’s never been easier to get your 2 & 5 in! Everyone knows the benefits of strawberries and how good they are for you (Vitamin C). Mix this with the health benefits of dark chocolate and you have yourself a healthy Valentines treat!

So there you have it, your Valentine’s Day can now not only be romantic, but healthy too!