A red wine lovers guide to Summer

A red wine lovers guide to summer

Are you a red wine drinker dreading the thought of sinking a beer or converting to sparkling or white for the summer months? During the Australian summer it’s almost frowned upon to drink red wine on a warm day, but fear not – we may have a solution! 

The majority of us are in the habit of drinking our white wine straight from the fridge, and our reds from the wine rack or cupboard, but due to the warm climate we live in, this means that we often drink our reds too warm. High alcohol reds don’t handle the heat so well and a recent study conducted by Taylors Wines showed that 80% of Australians are drinking their red wine too warm, which is having a negative impact on the flavour. 

As soon as a red wine is served too warm, it makes it near impossible to see and taste the wines flavours properly, and its aromas become hard to stand, instead of the perfumed smell we are used to. So, what can we do? 
In the summer months, move towards a lighter style of red, and incorporate a chilling regime. Fruitiness and little or no oak is your friend in summer! 

Red wines should be served between 16 and 18 degrees, with lighter or fruitier Shiraz’s being a popular choice. 

Here are 3 tips that will get you through our hot Australian summer as a red wine drinker: 

  • Search for lower alcohol reds 
  • Don’t be afraid to chill your red wine. Around 15 minutes in the fridge at 15 to 18 degrees does a bottle of red wine wonders 
  • If your bottle starts to warm as your drinking it, don’t be afraid to pop it back in the fridge for 10 minutes…just be sure not to make your red wine cold – that doesn’t taste good either. 

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